Tuscan Herb

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Handcrafted for exceptional Tuscan-style Italian cuisine.

Fragrant, garlicky, zesty, with a touch of heat.

Use on tomato-based and cream-based pasta dishes, chicken, seafood, marinades, vegetables, and more!

Tuscan Herb Seasoning (3.2oz or 1.7oz)


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The Spesh Tuscan Herb Seasoning

Inspired by the Tuscany region of Italy, this fragrant, robust and zesty blend of Italian herbs and seasonings will bring the flavors of Italy into your kitchen. Made with a collection of fresh, flavorful, and high quality Mediterranean herbs and spices, the Original Spesh Blend, and The Spesh California Minced Garlic, this Tuscan Herb Seasoning is sure to delight your palate for Tuscan fare. Enjoy fresh, fragrant, floral herbal notes, with delicious garlicky depth, a touch of heat, and some light red bell pepper notes to brighten up your palate.

How to use:

Use on marinara-based and alfredo-based pasta dishes, chicken, seafood, marinades, dressings, dips, fresh vegetables, and more.

Only THE BEST is used in The Spesh:

  • Marjoram: A herbaceous, floral, incredibly fresh and fluffy herb obtained from Egypt that sets the flavor foundation of the Tuscan seasoning.
  • Mediterranean Oregano: A super fresh, floral powerhouse of oregano flavor with barely noticeable, yet thoroughly enjoyable notes of licorice.
  • Mediterranean Thyme: A potent, piney, fresh Mediterranean thyme, with wonderful notes of lemon and an excellent texture.
  • Basil: A lightly fragrant Egyptian basil – green, fresh, and bright, with a soft and enjoyable texture.
  • Rosemary: A distinctively fragrant Moroccan cracked rosemary, with pungent piney notes and delightful oil content.
  • California Garlic: Fresh, flowery, lightly pungent 100% California garlic – grown in the San Joaquin Valley & processed in Gilroy, CA “The Garlic Capital of the World.”
  • Red Bell Pepper: A sweet, bright red bell pepper with a fresh, mild taste, providing bright notes in this amazing blend.
  • Cayenne: An unbelievably fresh and bright red cayenne chili powder with quite a kick! This potent chili pepper has been carefully and sparingly added to the Tuscan Herb Seasoning to warm up your palate and make you thirst for more.
  •  The Spesh Gourmet Salt and Pepper: Of course, the Tuscan Herb Seasoning includes The Spesh! Handcrafted with 12 salts and peppers sourced from around the world, selected for their color, aroma, taste, and heat profiles, this salt and pepper blend is like no other and includes Indian Black Tellicherry Pepper, Vietnamese Black Pepper, Indian Green Pepper, Indian White Pepper, Brazilian Pink Pepper, Himalayan Pink Salt, South Korean Sea Salt, American Kosher Salt, Pacific Alaea Sea Salt, Red Alaea Sea Salt, Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, and French Grey Sea Salt.

*Contains pink peppercorns, which may not be suitable for individuals with tree nut allergies.*

3.2oz (89g)

1.7oz (49g)


Weight 127 g
Dimensions 5.13 × 2.13 × 2.13 in

1.7 Oz, 3.2 Oz

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    Perfect blend!

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