The Story of The Spesh

It all started with a magical bamboo salt box, filled with a variety of salts collected from tropical vacations, weekend getaways, and business trips to faraway locations. Love quickly struck. I was quickly smitten with seasoning my food by hand and fell in love with the tactile, tasty, and thoroughly enjoyable experience of reaching into my salt box and pinching out the perfect amount of salt to slowly sprinkle over my culinary creations.

Inevitably, whenever I would add salt to my food to enhance the flavor, I would also add in some ground pepper to kick up the aromatics and add a bit of spice and depth to my dishes. It wasn’t long before inspiration struck to create a deliciously convenient mix of the two and to make a blend that represented the best qualities of the highest quality salts and peppers I could find. I wanted something that was hand selected, hand-crafted, freshly ground and perfectly blended together to create salt and pepper perfection inside my little magical salt box.

The challenge was on! For months, I sourced ingredients from around the world in order to develop my palate for different types of salts and peppers, and to build my knowledge and understanding about the differences in taste, quality, and texture in each and every ingredient. Extensive research required tasting and analyzing every salt and pepper I could find; compiling notes on flavor and color profiles, developing an understanding of aromatic properties, expanding my appreciation for ingredient textures, and understanding the heat and spice characteristics of every type and source of peppercorn I could get my hands on.

And then after weeks of tasting and testing – it happened: A glorious culinary epiphany! The universe spontaneously aligned to unveil a moment of pure clarity – and in a flash of light I realized how to blend the best properties of the best ingredients – at the proper ratios – at the ideal grain sizes – to create a gourmet salt and pepper blend that balances taste, aroma, flavor, spiciness, color, and texture into PURE SALT AND PEPPER SEASONING PERFECTION!

It was then that I realized I created something so spectacularly special – something that couldn’t be improved upon in any facet – something that I knew could only be called… THE SPESH!

Exceptional seasoning makes good food taste GREAT

The Spesh Experience

Shake It Up, Take a Big Whiff, Pinch Deep, Pinch Light, Sprinkle High, and Sprinkle with Style!

I wholeheartedly believe that seasoning your food by hand is a superior culinary experience because it encourages you to take a bit more time to plate your dish, it gives you a moment to pause and appreciate your culinary creation, it’s tactile and stylish, and most importantly, it allows for precise application of seasoning to bring out the best flavor in every bite of your food.

Shake It Up
Gently shake your salt box or salt cellar in a circular up and down motion to mix up the grains. If unshaken, large grains inevitably rise to the top while the fine grains sink to the bottom.

Take a Big Whiff
Enjoy the aromatics – the floral, woodsy, and pine-like pepper notes will awaken your taste buds. The peppercorns in The Spesh were meticulously selected for their exceptional aromatic qualities.

Pinch Deep
When you grab a pinch of Spesh, dig in to make sure you get a variety of grain sizes.

Pinch Light
The smaller the pinch, the easier it is to control your sprinkle.

Sprinkle High
I recommend seasoning at a height of 6” or more above your meal. The higher you sprinkle, the greater dispersion of your grains.

Sprinkle with Style
A slow, precise, two-fingered sprinkle. A high altitude aerial bombardment. The three-fingered wafting wave. The Salt Bae crane. The Emeril BAM!! What’s YOUR style?

Want to Taste Salt and Pepper Perfection?

Handcrafted with the highest quality gourmet ingredients & soon to be available in a ground to order, blended to order subscription delivery service.