Original Spesh Blend Gift Box

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Get the full Spesh Experience with a spectacularly savory salt and pepper seasoning to use in a stylish swivel lid bamboo salt box.

Gift Box includes:

  • Original Spesh Blend (4oz)
  • Spesh Bamboo Salt Box with magnetic swivel lid (1)

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Our Gourmet Salt and Pepper Box:

Each Original Spesh Blend Gift Box contains one 4oz package of Original Spesh Blend salt and pepper seasoning and one eco-friendly Spesh bamboo salt box.

The Original Spesh Blend is handcrafted with 12 salts and peppers sourced from around the world, selected for their color, aroma, taste, and heat profiles. After an extensive and exhaustive search, I compiled a collection of remarkable salts and peppers that exude the best qualities of each ingredient. Fresh, savory, spicy, aromatic, and beautiful – these ingredients have been handcrafted into a truly gourmet salt and pepper seasoning.

The salts and peppers in The Spesh have been freshly ground and obtained for specific grain sizes to highlight the best qualities of each ingredient and to create a wonderful texture in your fingers and on your palate. This spectacularly savory blend was designed to be the most balanced and perfectly pinchable salt and pepper finishing seasoning on the market. As you will see, high quality salt and pepper makes a big difference.

How to use:

Use with cooking, in a rub, or as a finishing seasoning on high quality meats and vegetables, pasta dishes, salads, and more.

Only THE BEST is used in The Spesh:

  • Indian Black Tellicherry Pepper: A larger-sized black pepper with a mild, woodsy smell. Fresh and enjoyable, this pepper has a nice, warm, spicy finish.
  • Vietnamese Black Pepper: A bold, spicy, hot black pepper with an intoxicating floral/pine aroma.
  • Indian Green Pepper: An incredibly fresh and intoxicatingly floral, grassy green pepper with a mild spice that finishes exceptionally well.
  • Indian White Pepper: A fresh, perfectly processed, pleasantly-smelling white pepper that tingles your tongue.
  • Brazilian Pink Pepper: Extremely floral, fruity, and juicy, this hand-harvested pink pepper provides a bright, sweet aroma and look to The Spesh.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt: Harvested from ancient salt deposits deep in the Himalayan Mountains, with both fine and small grain consistency, this beautiful pink salt is packed with minerals such as iron, such as iron, magnesium, potassium & calcium.
  • South Korean Sea Salt: An exceptional snowy white sea salt produced from clear waters in the Pacific Ocean that has a light fluffy kosher-style flake texture.
  • American Kosher Salt: A pure bright white course kosher salt with large, thin, and delightfully dense flakes.
  • Pacific Alaea Sea Salt: A beautiful orange-peach colored medium grain sea salt made with iron oxide-rich Kauaian volcanic clay.
  • Red Alaea Sea Salt: An all-natural, deep red, hard-crystal Alaea small grain sea salt made with purified clay from the island of Kauai.
  • Hawaiian Black Lava Salt: A bold, black, small and medium-grain sea salt made with solar evaporated Molokai sea salt and charcoaled coconut shells.
  • French Grey Sea Salt: A super fine, powdery, grey sea salt hand harvested from the Isle of Noirmoutier, in France.

Designed as a finishing seasoning for use in a salt box, salt cellar, or pinch dish.

*Contains pink peppercorns, which may not be suitable for individuals with tree nut allergies.*

60% pepper, 40% salt (210mg Sodium per serving)

4oz (113.4g)

The Bamboo Box:

Our beautiful and sustainable bamboo salt box is perfect for keeping your gourmet seasonings close at hand on your kitchen countertop. The swiveling lid with magnetic lock closes firmly and opens easily with just one hand for quick access while cooking or seasoning.

Size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.75 inches

Capacity: 4 Oz of fresh Spesh

*Please note that each salt box is unique! Expect some logo and bamboo coloring variability due to differences in bamboo material.

11 reviews for Original Spesh Blend Gift Box

  1. Glenn Giltner

  2. Jason Gordon

    The Spesh is awesome, totally upgrades my cooking & eating experiences. Great product, will definitely reorder!

  3. Jacob Pringle

    WOW! I got this as a gift and LOVE IT! I sprinkle the Spesh on EVERYTHING. It brings out the flavor of the food and kicks it up a notch! I have used it on sandwiches and as a seasoning on a steak! Not buying salt or pepper again! Just the Spesh for me!

  4. Jennifer C.

    I purchased these for gifts after using this blend myself. Everyone was thrilled to have their own Spesh because it makes everything you put it on so much tastier!

  5. Vanessa

    I love the Spesh and put this on everything from avocado to steak! It has definitely become a staple in my house. I love using one thing that is delicious on everything rather than messing with different salts, peppers, and spices. 11/10 recommend!

  6. Anonymous

    Great flavor! Love the gift box! Thanks

  7. Dan H.

    So tasty and the perfect compliment to any meal

  8. RYAN

    This was great as a gift package for the holidays. The blend is really good as a finishing salt and pepper on a large variety of food

  9. Chris

  10. Anonymous

  11. Summer Haines

    Just gifted Spesh and branded box to a friend. It’s my go-to spice and gift for people that love to cook.

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