The Spesh Best Sellers Gift Box


Get the full Spesh Experience with a collection of our best selling products

Gift Box includes:

  • Original Spesh Blend (4oz)
  • Spesh Bamboo Salt Box with magnetic swivel lid (1)
  • Garlic Salt Pepper (3.5oz)
  • Tuscan Herb (1.7oz)

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Our Best Sellers Gift Box:

Enjoy a taste of the best of the best with this amazing bundle of seasonings.

The Spesh Best Sellers Gift Box contains:

  • One 4oz package of Original Spesh Blend salt and pepper seasoning
  • One eco-friendly Spesh bamboo salt box
  • One 3.5oz Spesh Garlic Salt Pepper Seasoning
  • One 1.7oz Spesh Tuscan Herb Seasoning

The Original Spesh Blend is handcrafted with 12 salts and peppers sourced from around the world, selected for their color, aroma, taste, and heat profiles.

The Garlic Salt Pepper Seasoning is the new gold standard of SPG. Made with high quality California garlic and The Original Spesh Blend.

The Tuscan Herb Seasoning is a robust and zesty blend, handcrafted for exceptional Tuscan-style Italian cuisine.

The bamboo salt box is perfect for keeping your gourmet seasonings close at hand on your kitchen countertop. *Please note that each salt box is unique! Expect some logo and bamboo coloring variability due to differences in bamboo material.


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